Teacher’s Center Reading and Writing Project Saturday Reunion

Awesome is a word that is commonly overused for things that are not even remotely awe inspiring.  That makes using it for an experience like today seem a little silly, and maybe lackluster, but I was truly in awe of the passion and innovation displayed by presenters and attendees alike at today’s Saturday Reunion by TCRWP.

Beginning with Katherine Patterson’s keynote address, I felt empowered and inspired by my profession, and by the ideas and passion of each of the speakers and presenters.  I had attended the workshops with the intention of attending sessions on the Common Core Curriculum, Close Reading and other literacy based topics, but due to the crowds and the geographical logistics I wound up attending two sessions on educational technology and one on struggling readers.

Surprisingly, especially to me, I found I got more out of the technology sessions than the one on reading.  I think I was a little disappointed by this as well.  My students this year are struggling more with reading than those of the last few years.  Maybe I was looking for a cure all and nothing could possibly satisfy, but I think it was also due to fact the the workshop seemed to focus on an elementary classroom with great strategies and methods that do not lend themselves to a secondary English classroom.  This is not to say that I did not learn anything that is going to make me a better teacher; I definitely did.

The technology workshops gave me more concrete ideas and plans that I hope to incorporate into my classroom.  There were more ideas on the flipped classroom, ways to use google’s range of apps (and the necessity of it), and ways to use the technology the kids already have and we make them hide.  Lastly, it inspired me to blog, hence the reason this is being created.  We will see if I keep up with it.

On a side note, I was complete star struck by two things today: Katherine Patterson (and the fact that she claimed I, as a teacher, am more creative than her) and Riverside Chapel in Langston’s Harlem.


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